The Pride of the American Side

Thirty five years ago today, 29 brave men gave their lives to the sea. The loss of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald has been memorialized in many ways, but perhaps none more memorably than by Gordon Lightfoot’s song, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”

Tomorrow, we’ll celebrate Veteran’s Day and thank our soldiers, past and present, for their contributions. People are encouraged to ‘thank a soldier’ – if you see one, go up to them and thank them for what they do for our country. Without their sacrifices, we literally wouldn’t be this amazing country. They deserve our everlasting thanks and gratitude.

The ‘thank a soldier’ campaign got me thinking – how often do we thank others in dangerous jobs? In any job? The men lost with the Edmond Fitzgerald had dangerous jobs. So do many others in industries that are necessary for this country to function. Perhaps for Labor Day, we can encourage people to thank an employee (and not just when they sold you something below retail).

While the sacrifices that military veterans will and SHOULD be celebrated, we mustn’t forget the contributions of so many others who put their lives at risk to ensure that our country keeps going. It takes all kinds of brave people to make our country safe and sound. Don’t forget – many of them are veterans too.

So tomorrow, thank a soldier. In fact, do it any time. Veteran’s Day may be the official day to celebrate, but their efforts protect us every day. Then remember to thank the other people who make our day-to-day life possible. A little gratitude goes a long way.

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