Leave My Past Along the Way

It’s Tuesday – in our house, that’s Glee night. Glee is one of my favorite tv shows right now, for two reasons. Most importantly, its something I enjoy watching with the eldest. She and I started watching Glee together when it first aired and decided it was our show. The youngest watches it too now, but the eldest and I have the most time invested. We like to talk about the episodes, characters, spoilers, songs – everything. It’s a fun thing to share.

The other reason I like Glee is that it reminds me a lot of the 80s series Fame. Fame was a musical show, just like Glee. Like the eldest with Glee, I played Fame songs and talked about it with my friends. The eldest is getting way more out of her time with Glee than I did with Fame. After all, there were no instant downloads or DVR to maximize my enjoyment of the show. Sometimes my tape recorder made a guest appearance in front of the tv, but it wasn’t until the later seasons of the show that we had a VCR to record it so I could have sound and video.   Some of the songs from Fame I recorded survived on cassette until recently, when they were replaced by YouTube versions. The song “Miles from Here” was in the pilot episode of Fame and remains my favorite.

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