The Time’s Comin’ Near

Today is Veterans Day, the day designated on the calendar to thank all the soldiers, past and present, who have fought for our freedom. Of course, we should thank them every day. So, thank you to all the veterans and soldiers who help to ensure our freedom. To our soldiers and veterans who do so while their own freedoms are being restricted – a very special thank you. You’ve given your all and then some. I’m so sorry we aren’t fighting harder for your freedom.

You see, there are thousands of soldiers who are willingly putting their lives on the line every day so that we may be a free country. Many have given their lives for us. What does our country give them in return? Eternal gratitude, of course – as long as they don’t reveal that they are homosexuals. If they tell, they’re kicked out. Nevermind that their sexual preference has no bearing whatsoever on their ability to be soldiers. Apparently the rights of a rapidly dwindling number of homophobes trumps the rights of thousands of brave men and women who are serving their country despite the fact that their country is not supporting them. How is this even possible today? To me, their sacrifices are much greater than those of many other soldiers. Anyone who is told that they are, in effect, a second class citizen yet still manages to go on supporting all of our rights deserves more than our gratitude. They deserve equality.

C’mon America – put your money where your mouth is. Talking about how soldiers protect our freedom and then standing by while some of their freedoms are violated is, at best, disingenous. At its worst, we’re a nation of hypocrites. If we are truly grateful for our soldiers and veterans, we should be grateful to all of them. If they are fighting for our freedoms, we should be willing to fight for theirs.

I remember seeing the movie “Free to Be You and Me” when I was in elementary school. It was based on feminist ideals, but the sentiment rings true for homosexual rights as well. Everyone should have the opportunity to be who they are.

Every boy in this land grows to be his own man
In this land, every girl grows to be her own woman

If the girl grows up to love another woman and the boy to love another man, who really cares? You do? Then next time you thank a veteran, think about whether that veteran is a homosexual. Does that make you less thankful for their sacrifices? Our soldiers don’t get to pick and choose whose freedoms they’re defending. We shouldn’t choose whose sacrifices we are thankful for.

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