They Said There’ll Be Peace On Earth

The Horror!  Five days left to go in the month and I miss a day.  So much for blogging every day during the National Blog Posting Month.  Maybe I’ll post twice today to make up for it.

I wish I could say I forgot because I was too busy scoring great deals on Black Friday.  Wait, no I don’t.  I hate crowds – why on earth would I want to deal with that many people all at once?  I’m not always convinced the deals are that great, really, and the whole experience seems to bring out the worst in some people.

I was reading an article on this morning that described the troubles several people had during their Black Friday shopping trips.  There’s one woman who was arrested for cutting in line so she could score a deal.  Her excuse? 

” “I just wanted to get my daughter the toy that she wanted for Christmas, which probably won’t be there when I go today,” Lanessa L. Lattimore, 21, told CNN.”

What, like the rest of people in line were just there for their own amusement?  Pay your dues like the rest of us, Lanessa.  If you want the deal, work for it.  If you’re not willing to work for it, then stay home.   And for goodness’ sake, don’t threaten to kill the people behind you in line when they complain about you cutting in, then feign surprise when you get arrested.  Ignorant twit.

No, I’m glad I wasn’t dealing with Black Friday lines.  Instead, I was dealing with (thankfully short) lines first at the pediatrician’s office, then at the radiology lab.  The Youngest was sporting a 104.3 fever on Thanksgiving night.  In combination with bad pain in her side, it almost sent us to the ER.  A dose of Tylenol brought enough relief that we held out for sick clinic on Friday morning, where blood work results led the doctor to give her a shot of Rocephin in each thigh and then send her for chest x-ray.  She has to go in for repeat blood work this morning.  Her fever was down last night, though, so hopefully she’s on the mend.

All of the Turkey Day sickness made me think of one of my favorite Christmas songs, “I Believe in Father Christmas” by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.  The song ends with “Be it Heaven or Hell – the Christmas we get we deserve.”

It surely wasn’t heaven, nor was it hell, but I wonder what we did to get that type of Thanksgiving?  Hopefully Christmas is a bit calmer.  Still, it was nice to have an excuse to spend some mostly quiet time together.  Now, if we can just get rid of all the coughing….

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  1. Ok, so I’m poking around your blog now, lol. And just had to say that Father Christmas is proabably my all time favorite Christmas song. 🙂

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