Well, I’m All Grown Up Now

Happy Thanksgiving!  For the first time ever, we’re spending it alone as a family of five.  Usually we join my Bestest’s extended family to celebrate the holiday, rotating the holiday among families so we all share in the I-95 corridor holiday driving pain fun.  This year, though, we’re spending it alone in the house of great illness.

It’s not all that bad, really.  For starters, we’re all still in our jammies at past 2 pm.  We got up when we wanted (well, except for me – the Son needed help with breakfast).  We had yummy chocolate croissants for breakfast while watching the Macy’s Parade.  When Santa finally made his appearance, the Christmas season officially started.  With that, we started blasting the Christmas music.  Our iTunes Christmas playlist has 22.5 hours of songs – we’re good to go for a while.

Still, it feels weird not to be surrounded by lots of family on Thanksgiving.  We do have our virtual family on hand, though – Facebook has been buzzing all day with well wishes.  I love that we’re so far away from our loved ones yet still so connected at the same time.

My “Grown-Up Christmas List” is far different than the one I would’ve thought of as a child, but so are many other things.  I guess the key to a happy life is flexibility.  It may not be the life I thought I wanted, but its the life I love having.  My little, happy family, all snug and warm in our small, delicious-smelling house.  In the end, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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