Turn Some Pages

Oh, poor neglected blog – another victim of my ADD-addled existence. But there’s hope yet – November is National Blog Posting Month. The idea is that I’ll post every day and make it a habit. It’s a worthy goal, right?

The first of the month always feels like a fresh start anyway. You get a new calendar page and 30ish days to get things done before the next one pops up. In reality, life just keeps coming at you until it doesn’t anymore. We just periodically have an opportunity to pretend to press the Reset button. Except the Reset button doesn’t actually work. The past still exists. You can’t change it or obscure it. You can only remember it and deal with it.

I prefer to press Play on some type of music. What that music is depends on how I feel. Today? “Roll With the Changes” by REO Speedwagon. “So if you’re tired of the same old story, oh, turn some pages.” There’s no Reset button needed – just make a change. Some change. Any change. My choice. Kinda like a jukebox of life.

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