New Year, Happy

So this is 2011. Fairly warm for a winter’s day (gotta love the south), a bit wet, full of wine and good food and family. Not a bad start to the decade.

Then there’s the matter of resolutions. I can’t, I won’t. There’s no point, I’ll just break them. Instead, a list of hopes/plans/thoughts/ideas:

* Try to keep up with the 365 pic project

* Do more stuff. Not ALL the stuff, but more.

* Eat less, exercise more.

* Get out more, see more, be present more.

* Blog more. It’s free therapy.

* …and lots of other stuff. Who knows what this year will bring? It’s kinda hard to create goals based on the unknown. Having no resolutions to worry about breaking leaves me with a lot more time to get life done.

Life is 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it. How will *you* use your 90%?


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