The Difference a Smile Makes

I left kiss-and-ride this morning feeling a bit more positive about the whole experience.  It wasn’t necessarily a better experience than yesterday’s – drier, to be sure, but still the same hot mess that kiss-and-ride will always be.  No, the thing that made the morning drop-off just a little better was saying hi to Mrs. L.  She’s worked with all of my kids, but especially with the Son and the Youngest.  She’s made their lives so much easier and we always know they’re safe when they are with her.

She always has a smile for us, but today she looked a little flustered too.  She confessed that she drew a blank for a moment and forgot my last name.  I laughed and told her that her brain was probobly just frozen from standing out in the cold and that we loved her always.  It was a funny exchange that made the morning seem a bit brighter.  Thank goodness for people who make us smile and laugh.  It makes such a difference in a day.

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