…and there I was, trying to think about what to post for today.   All I could think was, what the hell was I thinking, signing up for NaBloPoMo?  One post a day, for a month?  Me?

But here I am.  Content-less, but here nontheless.  When I tried to pin down a song that I could write to (what in fresh hell was I thinking, making this month’s theme ‘trying to relate the post to a song’??  Idjit.) I came up with nothing.  No inspiration.  Gotta get going, though, keep on working, crack the whip…oh, hey!

‘Minimum Wage’, by They Might Be Giants, never fails to amuse nor to drive the point home – gotta get the job done, no matter what.

Minimum Wage! from Tallulah on Vimeo.

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